It has been said, what does not ‘kill’ you makes you stronger.  So logically speaking, pressure is good.  No one knows their limit in handling pressure until they reach it.  Therefore one may need to keep on pushing until one ‘crash and burn’ – that’s the LIMIT! The trick is to […]

An ordinary incident pulled up this memory.  It was a painful memory for me.  Childhood memories usually are. THE ORDINARY EVENT  I was going for a meeting pre-set earlier.  No reminders was e-mailed out and I started out confident that it was on.  I mean it was an important meeting. […]

I thought I made some notes about this topic.  I search for it and came up with nothing.  So am I going to write about it?  Why not, since I already started. The incident that triggered this is an event – my friend, Heerraa (  is having her open mic […]