I bring with me more than 10 years experience in the financial industry.  I’m a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants and Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.  With a Degree in Accounting from University Malaya, I first joined Ernst & Young as an auditor to gain the experience in various industries from trading, plantation, insurance to finance.  I was also involved in special investigative review of companies.

I then moved on to be an accountant in a medium size company to have hands-on experience on the operational side of an accounting department.  To expand my skill and knowledge, I took up an accountant’s position in a subsidiary of a company listed in Bursa Malaysia and later moved up to be their assistant group accountant.  At the same time, I completed my Masters of Business Administration locally from University Of Western Sydney in 2003.

I took a leap of faith to be on my own in Year 2004 and embarked on the journey to be an advisor, taking up the necessary qualification of a Certified Financial Planner with the intention to guide individuals to get the best out of every sen they make or own.

I believe in sharing knowledge, building relationship and adding values to others. I have contributed to Personal Money magazine column, “Money Makeover” providing insights and guidance to those who have concerns about their finances. I am also at present an invited speaker on areas of personal finance for organizations and a Certified Action Learning Coach and Trainer for Global University For Lifelong Learning(GULL).

With the passion to educate people on managing their finances, my highly practical approach is incorporated in all my trainings and workshops as well as personal consultations, a personalized one-to-one insights and implementation of proper money management. The basis of my service is to enable people to realise their financial status currently and to understand where they would want to head from that point. This includes keeping track of the expenditure, savings from income and ways to grow the savings.

Besides covering the personal side of money management, I also make full use of my knowledge of accounting by sharing how to look at business numbers from a layman or business person point of view.

On the whole, I believe I can guide you to go from where you are now to where you want to be in the future – a happier, healthier and wealthier you.

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