My mentor, Elango Thyagu ( / ) and I talked about recruitment and training for a while now. It didn’t really kick off because I have not fixed my mind on it yet. I have been working and staying on my own for quite a long period of time. It has become a habit to do things on my own. Not to depend on others that much. Asking others to do things for me seems something alien to me. I prefer to drive myself to group outings because it gives me control over when I want to leave – you can see how bad it is. So, to let go of the control of the work to someone else probably scares me more than anything else.

Yeah, yeah, I know…delegate the work but not the responsibility. I am still responsible for the job. I would be reviewing the work before finalization. But the change in the mode of working?! Work done with the help of assistants and partners, is something new. The change is not that easy to embrace for me.

I do need to start somewhere and my trip to Hong Kong for a holiday brings up the stark reality – I can’t manage without help, especially when I intend to grow my business and eventually pass it on to the next generation.

Looking back, I think that starts the ball rolling – the firm decision that I want capable people in my business.


When I let students know that internship is available, I got a couple of inquiries. That was pretty exciting and I set up an interview to get to know them better and choose one.

It was an experience! Guiding someone still studying and finding a new work process. It was interesting as well and I learned plenty. And it sort of gives me a starter on the next thing – training someone in the field for 3 years to enable her to obtain her membership.

I was working with a student for the past year on a part-time basis. She does some work during study breaks. We briefly touched on the idea of her working for me to meet the training hours required for her full membership. Needless to say, I didn’t pursue it because I thought I need to have the same qualification as hers to qualify.

Recently when my mentor, said, why not look into it seriously, I took to heart and got in touch with the person in charge. It was awesome! I got the approval in record time. The person who was handling the application in Malaysia did an amazing job in assisting me. The approving body in UK was very efficient as well as my own accounting body, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

There was a slight bump but quickly resolved with the assistance of the people in MIA and with a big help from friends. I should say setting your mind on something truly helps to get it done. I’m sure this is also due to the goal setting done by the student herself.

Formalizing The Training Arrangement

And so my journey begins….

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