A few scenarios occurred recently that brings to mind my own journey toward my goals. It is not about the person but the scenario – the scenario seems amusing somehow as it reminds me of what I have gone through before.

At the early stages of working towards my goals under the guidance of Elango Thiyagu (www.elango.thiyagu.com) .. a few scenarios keep cropping up :
– something is wrong with my car. Yes, it is kinda old car but why does it seem to have issues???!! Time is spent on things other than my goals…and money(that is really scarce at that time) is needed
– being sick. Things has been going nicely… and it kinda affect the momentum when my body don’t feel well and I don’t feel like doing anything but sleep.
– mood swings especially anger, frustration and fear

It was frustrating going through those scenarios – it was like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Now I can see clearly that those are obstacles that is there to help me to grow. How? The scenarios actually help me to learn about focus, will power, managing emotions, patience(still got a lot to learn for this) and not giving up … and a lot more…

Where would I be if I have given up when I got sick? When I took 3 weeks medical leave? Thinking back that is the start of my outsource accounts business. It is something that I can do at home as the client set up is such that most things are provided via e-mail. Documents are only once a week and can be passed to me.

So I hope the people going through the scenarios I mention above would not give up. It is too early to do so. It is quite common actually, and as I slowly learned the lessons, it occur less… other scenarios occur… because there are other lessons to be learned…

Yes, it is (a) bumpy (ride) but it is a B-arrier U M-anage P-atiently, Yes?

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