Others Are A Reflection Of Who You Are 

A statement that frustrates at the same time give hope that things can change for the better.  Recently a few scenarios drives me bonkers.   E-mails not replied even after a few follow-up e-mails.  Not even a not that it has been read.  On my part – I didn’t follow-up with a call or confirmation that they received it (My bad!).  No progress updates though it is something we agreed upon.  My mind will say, “Just because I don’t ask, does not mean you don’t need to update” and that’s putting it mildly.

The funny, or not so funny thing is that those are the things I have done before.  The above is a sample of some of the not-so-good behaviours which I am in the process of correcting.

In my frustrated mood, I text my mentor, Elango ( http://elangothiyagu.com/) and his reply – Think Solution – Long Term.

First, it calmed me down.  Then it got me thinking – understanding a bit of Nature’s Laws (http://ascendancepro.com/) and the above statement that means the environment outside is a reflection of who I am, there is ONE long term solution  (in terms of work) – raise my own competency so that the people I work with has higher competency and quicker response time.

It is a no brainer kind of thing..now to put it to practice….one small step at a time.  So I started with cleaning out and organizing my desk.  My work deals with a lot of papers and files.   There is a tendency to leave the tedious work of filing until later.  It can be overwhelming at times and the filing thing just caught up with me and the table is piled with documents & papers waiting to be sorted out and filed.

Something Like This 🙂

desk-912577_1280So I allocated some time to sort it out…and now my table is clean and organized….now to keep it that way…to remind myself – deal with the things immediately, do not wait until later.

As always..in order for things to change, I need to change…..it starts with ME!

And a reminder to self :



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