Is $$$$ the only way one can contribute?  If one has ‘no money’ does not mean there is no way to contribute even though the Heart wants to?

It inspires me when some who is still in school, is willing to give up her prized possessions, her books, so that she can raise funds to contribute to a cause she believes in.

It also got me to think that most times people got stuck with the thinking that “when I have the money, I will contribute”.  However, in a world where there is the next gadget, the next travel destination, the next ….., when would the majority of people have ‘ENOUGH’ money that they feel comfortable contributing.

My humble background where my parents had to work hard to support all four of us in our pursuit of higher education, there wasn’t much thoughts of ‘let’s contribute!’.  Here I am talking about money, which is the first thought that comes to (my)mind.  Yes, we do the occasional small contributions to school walkatons/jogathan, societies etc.  Nothing major.

So it is not a habit for me to contribute in terms of money to causes that I believe in.  Yes, I did sign up for a regular contribution to one cause before, but it was the first thing that dropped when my finances got hit.

When I got to know Elango Thiyagu, ( of ET Ideas, the perception slowly changed – contributions need not be all about money.  Yes it is a major ingredient but for one who may be financially challenged, there are other ways to contribute.  Have you ever thought of :

                              TIME                  +               EXPERIENCE SHARING

Time – time to spent with those in homes – be it children or retired people who has a wealth of experience.

Experience Sharing – to enrich others, to encourage others, to somehow guide them in some way.

Another thing is I got to know is to give without expectations.

And we don’t need to go far, it can be within our circle of friends, colleagues and family and even strangers that crosses our path.

Friend in need – lend a hand (heard of the saying – a friend in need is a friend indeed?)

Colleagues in need – lend a hand (it is mutual growth – not competition)

Family – spend time with them (reminder to self)

Strangers – a smile doesn’t hurt (smile more)

The BIG Question – WHEN to contribute? 

As highlighted in my earlier example – ANYTIME

So long as the HEART wants to contribute, there is a way to go about it.

It helps when one in an environment of ‘giving’ because no one is going to think you are crazy to do what you want to do.

So, have you thought of a way to contribute

for something close to your heart?       

P.S Upon reflection, my perception of that my parents are not giving is incorrect.  I still recall during childhood, my mom and grandma would be pass the extra ‘bak chang’ or Chinese delicacies made to our neighbours because they seem to enjoy it.  I used to wonder, why don’t they just make just enough for us?  Even now, my mom is always willing to share her hand-me-down recipes to those who want to learn and even reduces the tuition fees of kids whose parents are a little financially tight. 

The little gestures that I have not seen as ‘giving’ but now I do.  Thank you Mom for having the heart to do that as it means I have it in me, just that I forgot.

Now I Remember.  Now I Do.

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