For those not in the know, there is a conspiracy out there by the makers of clothes from the designers to the manufactures to make you constantly change your wardrobe.  Let me explain.  Do you know that you don’t put on weight, it’s just that your clothes has shrunk from too many washes? That’s what I used to say when my friends comment on the tight fit of my clothing, cool response, right? And why do that? So that you help boost economic growth through your spending.  Now you know.

How’s that for being positive?  Some called it being positive, others call it for what it is, deeeelusional but it makes me happy, so?   What has this got to do with savings and growing money?

In relation to your finances, it is good to remain positive that you have the ability to earn the income you are currently earning now and you are bursting with potential, if you are given the opportunity to ‘show your stuff’.  Raking in the ‘big bucks’ is only 1 side of the story because you are back to square one if you are not able to keep the money.  Just keeping the money under your pillow(which is just what putting in a savings account means nowadays) is not enough given that we live in the world where price of goods keep going up. 

So thinking that your finances are okay when all your wealth is in your savings account is delusional.  You are being fooled by the little increments in the amount.  It doesn’t even match the increase in price of things you spend on.  Inflation eats into your ability to buy things in the future.  How would your life be like then?

Be a responsible adult and take charge of your finances.  If you can put in time to grow other people’s wealth(for those employed) or to grow your own business(Take note: you may not be able to work forever), you should be able to clock in some time to take care of your financial health, building a pool of resources that will not be exhausted in the blink of an eye should a financial crisis happen or just living up to the ripe old age of 100. 

Since you work so hard, your money should too, don’t you agree?

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