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I share my ideas and practices on money management in business and personal.  I look at how to make the most of any situation and resources as well as focused on future growth and development.

Key areas of focus are finance related matters for individual and business  :

  • Business advisory and coaching
  • Personal advisory and coaching
  • Talks, Training and Workshops on financial related topics


Business advisory and coaching 


I share my ideas on proper record keeping as the basis of any business and managing the business based on financial projection and good cash flow management practices.  The concept is to track to improve and support the business strategies to achieve sustainable growth.

This is provided under Simply Empowering Enterprise ( where business support in the following areas are provided :

  • Outsource Accounts Department
  • Business Financial Planning
  • Short Term Resource Assistance
  • Company Secretarial Services


Personal advisory and coaching 

For personal money management, I focus on money allocation on a monthly and yearly basis.  The goal is to make the most of every sen that one has by ensuring the money earned is put to good use, be it for family and self expenses or investment.  In this area, I provide:

  • Current net worth analysis
  • Current loans review
  • Current financial cash flow analysis
  • Insurance review
  • Investment review


Guidance is provided on a one-to-one basis and also in workshops and trainings to enable those who are keen to learn how they can perform the review themselves or ask the relevant questions of those providing the product or service to them.


Talks, Training and Workshops

 Talks, training and workshops are in the areas of financial wellbeing.  Through associates, areas of health are also covered as we believe in achieving success in 3 key areas in life – Happiness, Health and Wealth.

 Awareness Talks

  • Plan Your Life, Live Your Dreams – on importance of planning
  • Is My Cashflow Optimised, Why Should I Even Care – why cash flow is important for financial growth
  • SWOT – The Way for Personal and Financial Growth  – analyze to understand and improve
  • How to be Financially Secure and Independent by Elango Thiyagu, Joyce Lim, Suresh Balan and Alagenteran C
  • You want to be successful? Set and Achieve Your Goals (in Bahasa Malaysia) by Associate ET Ideas


Training and Workshops

  • Know Your Finances Series
    • Know Your Financial Goals and Achieve Them
    • Know Your Current Finances
    • Know Your Investment and Insurance
    • Know Your Cash Flow and Credit Risk
    • How to Take Care of Your money
    • Are You Ready To Have Your Own Business – transitioning from employment to self employment
  • Setting and Achieving Goals with The Seven Basic Laws of Nature by Associate, ET Ideas
  • “Be At Your Best” Awareness Workshop by Associate, Globetrotter Consultancy Sdn Bhd

In the pipeline are workshops on :

  • Financial Ratio Analysis for Company Growth and Sustainability
  • Best Practices in Business Accounts Record Keeping For Business Growth and Tax Compliance
  • Personal Tax Filing For Sole Proprietors

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