You know the feeling, “Hey, I’ve been on this road before” or “It looks familiar”. You know the frustration of being lost? It’s aggravated further with the side(snide) remarks from your travelling’s both aggravating and filled with tension. Here you are trying to drive and looking out for directions, […]

Detoxification of the body has been around for centuries with the objective of cleansing your body.  Some program stops there or should I say, some people just stop there thinking that detoxification is their license to eat whatever they want, whenever they want because they can always go through the […]

I had the pleasure(pain?) of accompanying my friend on house hunting. He needed a place for his friend to stopover whenever he’s in town, preferably nearby, so that they can catch up easily. That narrows down the location and he had a price in mind. It brings back memories of […]

The mind in a blur, knees a bit shaky, for the life of me, I couldn’t recall what I’m going to say, heard my name mentioned and before I know it, I’m in the spotlight. I have prepared for this moment but it’s never the same when you face the […]