It has been said, what does not ‘kill’ you makes you stronger.  So logically speaking, pressure is good.  No one knows their limit in handling pressure until they reach it.  Therefore one may need to keep on pushing until one ‘crash and burn’ – that’s the LIMIT!

The trick is to release the tension and pressure once in a while.  Most conventional method is to take a break – which sometimes involves doing nothing or going away somewhere.  The so call holiday which is supposed to relax and rejuvenate you sometimes can be equally stressful as one is conditioned to think that holiday is a time where you MUST do sightseeing, going here and there to explore.  One may end up more tired than before AND the work does get piled up when one goes on leave unless it is properly delegated.

The not so conventional way of releasing pressure as shared by Elango Thiyagu in one of his session in ET Youth (which I attended) is to have FUN – means to do something that you love to do.  If you love to do something, how can it NOT be fun??

Quite normal, you think?  There is another dimension to it – AND it must be related to one’s goals.  Assuming you have set a target that you want to achieve in terms of happiness, health and wealth, what you do for FUN and to release the pressure ie your pressure valve/outlet SHOULD be related to your goals.   For example, if your goal is to be a writer, travel would broaden the mind and enrich the experiences.  So taking a break, pack a bag and set out to explore is related to one’s goals.

Fun In The Sun
                                Fun In The Sun

Not only is it going to be fun but it also provide one the opportunity to plant one’s goals deeper into self as one’s emotions are engaged during the ‘break’ session.

Each breath that we take is lesson to be learned – we lost the art of breathing – so we learn again how.  Every scenario we faced is a lesson on its own.  Every movie that the (spiritual) nudge to go and see is a learning experience as there is lesson to be learned there,  IF we know how to look, listen and act on it.

One of the key things is working on it.  You may think it is easy, but the mind is said to be lazy and wants to stay where it is, not wanting to learn.  The trick is actually to practice.  Like how we learn how to drive a car without conscious thought, we can only get better at practicing it – be it a physical skills or those related to emotions and intellect which is the ability to think and reason things out.  One of the best advice I got – first, decide, take a step, one step at time.

So, to have FUN, I’ll be …………………… 😀

How True Is This?
    How True Is This?

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