A little kid, when walking(probably skipping ) pass a puddle of water, would think “Let’s jump in and play a little bit”.  I find that kids are fascinated with water.  They see a puddle of water, they want to jump in and stir the water.  It is raining, they want to be out there playing in the rain. 

It is the exact opposite for adults – puddles of water – to be avoided, don’t want to wet the shoes(probably cost them a bomb)…ouch….even though wearing flip flop, avoid the water because, the water is dirty and don’t want to get my feet wet.  When it rains, out comes the umbrella or rain coat – to avoid getting wet. 

Better yet, at the back of the mind, warning from parents or elders that you get sick when you get wet in the rain. This is probably enforced by all the serial drama where the hero/heroine, due to great sadness or despair walks in the rain and was sick afterwards.  They don’t get sick if they were out there having fun, do they?  So were they sick due to the rain or is it the sad feelings?  

Are you aware of this difference in perspective?  Kids just want to have fun and the adults seem to be the spoiler because everything ends with a “NO”.  This is what brings about the generation gap.  This brings about conflict and difference in opinion.  Adults living in this world seems to carry a lot of burden and responsibility but I believe the ‘kid’ in us would love to come out and play..so from time to time I remind myself to have some fun and let the kid in me out to play

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