25 June 2011 – Are Your Ready To Have Your Own Business

Are You Ready To Have Your Own Business, the most powerful program that helps YOU to start your own business or make the best out of your just-started business was organized by AstuteXperience in collaboration with Simply Empowering Enterprise on 25th June 2011.

What do I need to do before I start my business?  What do I need to do to run my business efficiently?  Am I running my business efficiently, given the resources that I have?  All these and more are shared during the program.

The program trainer, Joyce Lim, walk the participants through the know-how and skills on how to prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and financially to pursue one’s dream of having something of their own.  The steps to set up a proper framework for the business are also shared including the need for such set up.  In the program it is also emphasized why the business owner have to keep improving their business to not only be a head of competition but for the simple reason to keep up with inflation.

On the personal side, the business owner is urged to start a system to channel the money they earn into their personal wealth.  Keeping business and personal wealth has its advantages.  Business has its ups and down, but with a stable and steady personal income and wealth, you’ll be able to pull through the tough times.

View a slideshow of the program here :  http://www.slideshare.net/joycelimsh/are-you-ready-to-have-your-own-business-v-10

Click here for details of the program : http://joycelim.net/month-training/

A short description of the program is as below: June 2011 program